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The creation of a FRETZ MEN shoe

Know-how, craftsmanship and a lot of passion. In eight steps from first thought to finish.

In the heart of Switzerland

FRETZ MEN is a Swiss quality brand with tradition. We are proud of our roots. Our firm is located in Fahrwangen in the Seetal, close to the beautiful Lake Hallwil. The view of the Swiss Alps from the soft, rolling hills of our landscape is spectacular. In spite of the placid country life, the cities of Zurich and Lucerne are very close.

Lake Hallwil in the Seetal.

Waterproof and highly breathable

Shoes with GORE-TEX® technology satisfy individual demands for climate comfort. Durably waterproof and highly breathable, they offer the ideal combination of ultimate climate comfort and lasting protection. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience FRETZ MEN has acquired the respective know-how. In 2010 FRETZ MEN expanded its range by adding shoes with the innovative GORE-TEX® SURROUNDTM Technology. The soles of these shoes offer even more breathability and a discernibly higher standard of climate comfort while always keeping your feet dry.

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How to fully enjoy your shoe

Proper care ensures the full potential of your FRETZ MEN shoes. Some simple, but valuable tips on how to enjoy your shoes even longer:

Use a shoehorn
Keep the grip of your shoe’s backpart firm to ensure a better foothold, by easing your foot into the shoe using a shoehorn.

Your shoes need rest, too
Your shoes should be allowed some time out – give them at least a day of rest after wearing to enable them to release absorbed moisture.

Regular care
Your shoes are your personal showpiece. Cared for regularly they will remain beautiful and supple much longer.

Use a shoe tree
Shoe trees keep your shoes in shape.

Rarely worn shoes need to be cleaned and stored in a dry place, preferably with shoe trees, and put in a fabric shoe bag.

Important: Shoes age even when not used. Particularly the materials used for the soles and their bonding can become brittle over time and lose their original qualities.

Before first wear

Regular care